Wallace Cooper
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20 May 1897


11 December 1979

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Jerry Cleveland
Christopher Howard
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Cooper Logistics Company (CLC)

Wallace Cooper (20 May 1897, San Fierro) was a businessman througout the first half of the 20th century specialized in logistics. He was in charge of CLC logistics since the second decade of the 20th century and developed into being a part of the HCC ltd. managment council.

Cooper was born in 1897 on the 20th of May, following his family in its footsteps as each one of them specialized in managment. His generation in particular focused on a family business relating to logging transports to promote the sawmill in Angel Pine. Wood was one of the main resources during the early 20th century used for the construction of houses in San Andreas.

As such, in 1915 he was put in charge of Cooper Logistics Company (CLC) and became a part of the merge between Johnson & Johnson, Starlight transportation inc. aswell as himself. In 1939 the merge was succesfully completed.

Ever since his birth he had trouble with his heart and he couldn't exhaust himself all too much. While he's lived with it all his life and reached the age of 82 by far, his disability decided his fate on the 11th of December on his grandson's 7th birthday.