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John Baker


Vice City
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Sprunk is a domestic brand of lemon lime beverage home to San Andreas. It was first introduced in 1933 by John Baker whom based a company on it.

During the early 20th century John Baker was a chemist experimenting with flavoured sweet drinks. In 1925 he presented his formula 'Sweet lemon' to an investment company prior to him founding his own factory with 'Sprunk' as a fundamental product. The drink's popularity spread from Los Santos to Las Venturas and San Fierro in mere months, making Baker earn millions.

Initially 'Sprunk' (which is slang for 'semen') was the title given to the drink back when it was a joke, however with an ultimate slogan, 'the Essence of Life', rising up, Baker branded the name on the cans containing the drink ready to be distributed throughout the three major cities in San Andreas.

Modern times Sprunk has at some point faded away, or at least lost its potential, with the marketing of other similar products such as Fanta and Coca Cola in San Andreas. Sprunk, however, is the only brand of drinks home to San Andreas.

Its sale has expanded to cities such as Vice City and Liberty city in addition.


A Sprunk factory set in Montgomery.


Sprunk Incorporated headquarters; East Beach, Los Santos