Jerry Cleveland
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8 January 1905


11 September 1986

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Wallace Cooper
Christopher Howard
HCC ltd.


Johnson & Johnson

Jerry Cleveland (8 January 1905, Las Venturas) was a businessman and chairman of Johnson & Johnson, a San Andreas logistics company during the early 20th century. Although people became familiar with his name after the merge between three individual companies to HCC ltd.

Jerry Cleveland was native to Las Venturas, whereas he grew up in a fancy family and brought up as a true gentleman. His lineage was based purely on managment. More so, he followed up his uncle Johnson whom died after running a minor logistics company for a mere decade. In 1939 he suggested a merge between three other logistics company to operate as one and eventually became known under the name HCC ltd.

As of 1935 one of the competing businessmen in charge of one of the two additional companies, Christopher Howard, was hesistant and stalled his future business plans. Howard was shot down during a mugging in 1938, leading to the merge officially contracted in 1939 by each one of the companies along with Howard's succesor.

In 1978 Cleveland was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and he rapidly went downhill. During the early winter of 1985 he died after being hospitalized 2 months earlier.