Gerald Sullivan
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October 20th, 1945.

Physical description

Caucasian (Irish descent)



Hair color

Dark brown, fading to grey

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

Coleen McCoy (Grandmother)
Edward McCoy (Grandfather)
Martha Sullivan (Mother)
Jonathan Sullivan (Father)


The Callahan Mob

Miscellaneous information

Amateur Mechanic
Irish-American Mobster

Owned vehicles

1974 Chevrolet Caprice

Gerald Sullivan (born October 20th, 1945) and better known as Gerry or Sully amongst the neighborhood of Ocean Flats, San Fierro, is an infamous Irish-American mobster recognized by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as the second in command or lieutenant within the Callahan Mob. Beside his close friend and criminal associate, James Callahan, Gerald helped repair the Irish crew after the death of former boss Henry Fitzgerald. Through the usage of brute force and intimidation, Sullivan would rise to the top and prove to be a key enforcer in Callahan's regime. He's known to suffer from a mental disorder known as kleptomania, which often causes him to steal items of little or no significance without being aware.


Gerald Jonathan Sullivan was born in Ocean Flats, San Fierro in the Autumn of 1945 to parents Martha and Jonathan Sullivan. His parents were both young when he was born, his father being twenty one and his mother only seventeen. Because of this, his parents were deemed unfit to raise a child and Gerald was sent to live with his mother's parents, Edward and Coleen McCoy, as an alternative to being placed in foster care. He was raised within the neighborhood and grew up a few houses away from individuals such as James Callahan and David Flanagan.

Gerald's grandfather was a quiet man that was a mechanic by trade. He operated a small garage on the edge of the Ocean Flats neighborhood which was a suspected extorted front for the Ocean Side Gang, although he was never found to have had any history of involvement in crime himself. His grandmother, Coleen, was a maid at a local motel.


Gerald, James and David playing stick ball circa 1959.

Growing up Gerald was close friends with other young boys in the neighborhood, including James Callahan, David Flanagan and more. They would partake in activities such as biking, basketball, and stick ball. They all attended the same local junior and senior high school and were seen as inseparable. Gerald also worked small jobs at his grandfather's garage where he learned the ins and outs of building, repairing and customizing vehicles.

Criminal CareerEdit

Gerald began to involve himself in crime at an early age. He was a frequent shoplifter and often times was seen causing problems with other students in the form of violent physical and verbal disputes. At the age of seventeen he was sentenced to community service after he was caught stealing jewelery out of a shopping mall, and again a year later for a similar crime. He was also expected to appear in court on July 11th of 1963 for assault charges but before the date of his trial the charges were dropped.

Gerald's criminal record circa 1974.

At age nineteen he was sent to a psychiatrist as part of his sentencing for previous crimes. During his time in sessions, the doctor determined that Gerald was suffering from a mental disorder known as kleptomania which might have been triggered from the neglect he felt from his parents abandonment at an early age. At the time, little was understood about the disorder and because of this he was shunned by his grand parents; being labeled as a disgrace to the family. To this day Gerald stiff suffers from the disorder even though he does urges for stealing that pertain to his involvement in crime. The incidents of which can be separated from their value, while criminals tend to steal expensive merchandise out of greed and kleptomaniacs steal insignificant items without being consciously aware.

By his late twenties, Gerald began to become affiliated with organized crime in the city of San Fierro through the Ocean Side Gang, which at the time was under the control of Henry Fitzgerald, son of the notorious Seamus Fitzgerald whom had been murdered at the beginning of the 1960s. Along with his close friends James Callahan and David Flanagan, he began to run rackets such as illegal gambling, chop shopping and debt collection for the mob's various loan sharks. He was cold and conceited, allowing him to be a common choice for activities involving enforcement.

Rising to the TopEdit

In 1982 after the death of mob boss Henry Fitzgerald, suspected to have been killed my a local Italian-American Crime Family, the outfit began to weaken and fall apart in some areas due to having no prominent figure to lead them appropriately. Some once loyal criminals began to lead their own path, taking under their wing other affiliated roughnecks in order to begin their own crews. It was at this time James Callahan began to rise to the top as the new neighborhood mob boss, and with Gerald as his right hand man and most trusted members as well as Flanagan for his muscle and enforcement.

Throughout the next year the three men were allegedly responsible for nearly seventeen murders which often occurred in broad daylight or public as a way of sending the message to those who were becoming disloyal to the mob. Among those killed were suspected FBI informants and those who had previously tried to leave the ranks.

A majority of the heat created by these slayings fell upon the shoulders of David Flanagan who was later labeled by police as a serial killer, and by media sources as the Ocean Flats Butcher. However no convictions were made due to sheer lack of evidence and witness reports, possibly related to the neighborhood's morally embraced "code of silence".

Present DayEdit

Currently, Gerald resides within the neighborhood he grew up in and is still suspected to be the second in command within Callahan's regime. His grandfather and grandmother have both passed away since, though he was left as the beneficiary of his grandfather's small garage on the outskirts of Ocean Flats.