Dmitri Malashenko
Dmitri Malashenko

(Дмитрий Малашенко)

Biographical information

Maluha, Malash




January 22nd, 1969 (Age: 23)
Moscow, Soviet Union

Physical description

Caucasian (of Russian descent)


5'11" (180cm)

Hair color


Eye color

Dark Brown

Skin color

Olive tan

Familial and political information
Known family

Anastasiya Malashenko (Mother)
Alexei Malashenko (Father)

Miscellaneous information
Owned vehicles

1958 Plymouth Belvedere


Dmitri was born in Moscow, Soviet Union. He lived in a poor society and he was brought up by a single mother as his father had died in a car accident. He had always dreamed of becoming wealthy later on in life. As he grew up he had realized that the area that surrounded them was mostly a slum. As he became a man, he then realized there were many ways to make good money, some easier than others. Dmitri saw his friends selling drugs and stealing. So he then followed along, selling drugs and also stealing.


Dmitri now had a steady earning from the illegal activities he had been doing the past few years, it was at this point Dmitri wanted more money. He had been hearing rumours about America, and he'd had a vision for years now what America was like. This was when he had decided to move to America, as he expected to make more money. He began packing his bags and he then decided to buy a plane ticket to San Fierro, San Andreas.


When Dmitri arrived, he caught a taxi from the airport to the nearby district known as Doherty where he rented an apartment. Since Dmitri has been living in Doherty, he had taken up a legal job instead as he found that selling drugs and stealing was too hard in San Fierro alone.


Dmitri had decided to get a job at a taxi company, in which he disliked, and it and also earned him little money. He had then decided to get a loan from the bank, in which he bought an older car which needed work done to it. He decided to get a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere which he could barely afford, the car only had bodywork at the front, from a previous car crash, besides that it was a classical car which Dmitri had a passion for.