David Flanagan
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Davy Jones
The Ocean Flats Butcher




June 15th, 1955

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Callahan Mob

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Serial-killer David "Davy Jones" Flanagan is a close friend of James Callahan and Gerald Sullivan. He is closely involved in the workings of "The Callahan Mob", and is suspected to be a heavy-hitter for the crew.

Early LifeEdit

David Flanagan, born and raised in Ocean Flats, San Fierro, was a regular kid. He lived with his dad, as his mother had died when giving birth to David. His family, all the way up to his great grandfather, were rail-way workers, and mechanics on trains. When he was young, he would be seen playing with his older friends, Gerald Sullivan, and James Callahan, or he would be with his dad watching him work on trains.

Later LifeEdit

After leaving high school, he went straight to working at the train yard in San Fierro, and followed in his fathers footsteps. Though he also worked with his friends, Gerry and Jim, he kept it out of his father's eyes and behind the scenes. His father was proud of him, until one day when he found out what he was doing outside of working at the train yard. His father kicked him out of the house and sent him on his way. David wasn't happy with this, and eventually began drinking heavily when alone. He finally found an apartment, after a while he worked his way into owning a house, and a decent car. He still held his job at the train yard, paying all of his money to either his bills, or to his father to help him with his retirement. Currently he is working at the train yard, while on the side, working for James Callahan. His father still ignores him, and treats him as a disgrace, and David still has an alcohol problem.