DUDE industries (sometimes referred to as DUDE chemicals) is an in 1936 founded corporation showing particular interests in chemical research and production, while also actively participating in the productions and sales of heavy industrial vehicles and devices.

It wasn't until 1946 that Tyler Laurey invested most of his time in the experimenting with chemicals and on major scale the production of medicines in San Andreas and Liberty City. In San Andreas DUDE is remarkably known for its large popularity of heavy industrial vehicle supplies. As such, most of the cranes around Ocean Docks and Easter Basin proudly carry the DUDE brand. While not known for commercial sales, DUDE has produced about 80 percent of the industrial vehicles around San Andreas and Liberty City.

DUDE has cooperated with Vapid and Maibatsu brands to develop semi-trucks although each one of them carry the Maitbatsu/Vapid brand.

In 1956 a chemicals factory was built in Liberty City, resulting in a lot of stress around the Alderney area. Some activists found it inhuman and thought building such a chemically dangerous factory close to a residence area would result in diseases and so forth, although the municipal government gave DUDE the go ahead to proceed with their building plans. As of now scientists and investigators have encountered no issues whatsoever with the produced chemicals nor has the experimenting lead to any major changes in chemical industries.

DUDE manufactured vehicles have resulted in a major revolution in affordable heavy machinery or power tools, making construction sites far more effective and quick.