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Christopher Luther Howard
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13 March 1914


21 July 1938

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Jerry Cleveland
Wallace Cooper
HCC ltd.


Starlight Transportation

Christopher Luther Howard (13 March 1914 - Carson City, Nevada) was once the founder and CEO of Starlight Transportation inc., a logistics company home to San Andreas during the early 20th century. Furthermore his name became known due to the merge of all present logistics companies in 1939 to a single limited company referred to as HCC Ltd. which ended up controlling logistics until 1992.

Born in Carson City, Nevada, Howard grew up with his parents in a house just off the center of the city where he lived until he ended high school and attended university. He studied basic economics and business managment and so forth. More so, he had always looked forward to starting for himself.

His numerous connections suggested moving to San Andreas where investment in a logistics companies was relevant. So he did, travelling to Los Santos by boat individually where he started under the name of 'Stralight Transportation'. It was maintained as a rather minor business and even though inexperienced, he was characterized as an enthusiastic businessman ready to take risks.

In 1935 he first was advised merging three individual companies with its assets to one in order to share their profits with a more strict organisation so they could end up controlling the distribution as the major logistics company. He himself was really hesistant, seeing he saw no future in sharing leadership with two other men with different principles. In 1935, however, he was shot down during a mugging early in his stage of businessship.