The 1992 Los Santos riots also known as the 1992 Los Santos civil unrest was a period in time taking place in 1992 which consisted of restless citizens riotting in South Central Los Santos (Ganton, El Corona, Idlewood, Willowfield) as a result of a police violence case.

The case covered the beating of an afro-american man during an arrest following up to a high-speed pursuit on Interstate 425 East and through several residence areas in Los Santos. Video tapes showed the man was battered with police battons by six police officers participating in the arrest for up to one minute, tortured through use of pepperspray according to the force matrix and physically abused in public. According to the responsible law enforcers suspect Lawrence Cooper was under influence of Cocaine resulting in his excessive aggression although video tapes merely showed him being pressed down to the concrete while he was dragged from the patrol cruiser after being placed inside and without attempts of him being cuffed he struggled to break free from the violent beating.

The riots arose in Ganton and escalated to areas such as Las Colinas, Idlewood, Willowfield and El Corona soon enough during the period of the verdict and some thug violence arose around caucasian neighbourhoods such as Jefferson with a majority of the riotters consisting of people of Hispanic or Afro-american decent. The period was as long as six days from the 2nd of August to additionally the 8th of August and on the third day the riots were as severe the National Guard of San Andreas was called in to calm the riots or at least contain the vandalism to specific residence areas. Media and government recorded a total of 53 deaths and more than a thousand injured people, with cars being blown up through use of molotov cocktails, arsonry in innocent residence areas and the beating of stores with the majority of storeowners targeted being of Asian and Korean decent. In Jefferson people were violently pulled from their vehicles, while in that case innocent, and dragged across the concrete.